Thursday, September 24, 2015

Posting Paralysis

So...I found a wonderful posting of photos to which I added pithy dialogue...saved said post...hit the Publish button.... and .... POOF! It vanished into BlogSpot Hades. It was a devastating lost to deal with. Needless to say, I've been a bit anxious about hitting blog buttons ever since.

Professor Kuzmich and I are presently in Australia. Melbourne at the moment. Last week we were with friends in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. We are preparing four presentations at two education conferences...the first in Adelaide next week and the second in Coomera near Brisbane. What, you may rightly ask, has this to do with ChinaTalk? After Adelaide we will take the 48-hour train to Perth and then our journey will take us back to China for a visit to our old teaching grounds in Jinan, China where we will see Lily and George and Sophia and Kyle and Professor Kim, among others and speak at a gathering of one of the Toastmasters International clubs of which Lily is a member. Then we'll take a break in Fiji before heading back to Australia for the second conference.

They who keep thinking keep growing.