Friday, August 30, 2013

Squat Stats

John = too numerous to count...but lots of tales to tell.

Roslyn = ZERO !!! 

While talking to a fellow ex-pat teacher, she offered an explanation for Roslyn's remarkable score. Basically, public school elementary teachers have well-trained bladders, et el, because they have to go many hours between bathroom breaks.  She never did succumb to the need to squat in China. The smell alone was enough to deter her and keep her record going strong.

I, however, have stories to equal my wife's remarkable feat. One memorable experience was the roadside facility in the Gobi Desert in which each squatter eliminated into a common, open gutter pipe that washed the parade of waste along the channel for all to see. Roslyn has no problem missing this memory of China.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chinese People Come Up With Amazing Ways To Cope With The Heat Wave!

During the last month, China has been suffering from unprecedented high temperature.  Check out the unique ways they have beaten the hot temperatures.

what some Chinese undergraduates do in their dorms!

They use 66 bottles of water to make this" water bed"!

He's sleeping with a big white gourd in his arm

What a lovely baby!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Upscale Shopping at Walmart


Bulk Rice.

Mixed meat for the choosing.                                                 

Turtles and frogs.  Chinese shoppers want their  fish and 
amphibians very fresh so unless they are dried, one can go fishing for the plumpest critter.  The price tags are in YUAN not dollars; calculate 16 yuan to 1 dollar and you'll know how much folks are willing to fork over for a turtles or frog.

This delicacy is bull penises.

Wal-Mart Brand Spirits

Rib Cages...out in the open for easy selection.                                                        

Assorted Dried Reptiles.

Beautiful Boxes Of Liquor. Presentation is extremely important; what folks in the West might consider 'over packaging'. About this time of year Moon Cakes can be purchased in very elaborate box sets.


A Large Selection Of Chopsticks.  I remember reading in China Daily of a concern about how many billions of chopsticks were being made from bamboo for single use. While recycling plastic containers is huge in China (which elderly are always rummaging for in trash cans) chopsticks is bamboo is too cheap, so far, to be viably recycled.

Ducks on a rack. This is a delicacy not found in your average market. Duck is very popular but usually freshly plucked with its head dangling from a hook.                                                     

Great Value Brand Beef Granules...something like our bullion cubes.

Pig Snouts

Antibacterial Bikini Underwear For Men.

Diet Water. 

Meat Water. (Notice the flavors on the bottles)

Specialty Pickles.

100% Powdered Horse Milk 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tokyo Japan: Days 1 and 2

Wow!!!  The Japanese sure know how to create beautiful gardens! Our first day in Tokyo was beyond expectations.  The subway was not crowded.  Nice spring temperature in the 70's and no rain.  Our hotel is marvelous and its location perhaps the best we could have hoped for, close to everything we needed.  Cuisine was outstanding.  Bus tours were very enjoyable.

On the first day we attended the Tokyo Temple and had an enjoyable dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Here are some photos highlighting our experiences.

High tech Japan pay phone


Indian food in Japan is incredible. Love the Nan.
Coconut Ice Cream!!