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Journal Reflections of Easter

Because of the large essay projects we are working on this second semester, we have not given  as many journal writing assignments. But Easter was a good cultural topic to discuss and reflect upon. Some of the students thoughts might interest you.

As we  know, Easter, also called Resurrection Day, is a celebration of Jesus Christ returning from the dead. Because this a religious festival, Christians believe that it is the holiest day in the year. In my view Easter that's a wonderful festival or holiday. Friends give each other colorful Easter eggs and parents hide to have children fin eggs or cant. Although some people who are not Christians, they will dress nicely and to to church on Easter Sunday. 

For most Chinese like me, we don't have religion. So there is no religious festival or official holiday in China, However, it is well-known that China is a socialist country. One-party rule is executed, which means that country could only be governmented by the communist party. It's forbidded  that members of the Communist Party have other religions. In other words, communism is the religion fo the members of the Communist Party and also the religion of Chinese. In my opinion, to some extent, our National Day is kind of like Easter. From that day October 1st 1949 we have a whole new country and since then we have a new future, to build and live in a socialist country.

Easter is a significant festival in Western countries which ranks with Christmas in importance. It falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following March equinox. It is said that it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion on Calvary.
Rabbits and Easter eggs are popular cultural symbols of Easter. Rabbits represent fertility and eggs. the seed of life. Easter Day marks the day when Jesus is supposed to have risen from the dead proving He has the power over death to redeem those who will simply believe in him, saving those believers from the wrath of hell. Easter is a great festival because it gives people hope, just like the season Spring. It is inevitable that we did something wrong in our life, but it is never too late to realize it and change yourself. A man who has been a thief all his life realizes his fault at the age of 60 and would not reach into others' pocket when a wallet is available is worth forgiving. A person who doesn't work and plays every day finally aware of his responsibility is worth encouraging. It will never be too late to change yourself. Once you go back on the right track, you still glow like diamond.

Ying Cong:
Most westerners think Chinese don't have religion. However, we have beliefs. Unlike Christians or Muslims, we Chinese don't have a unified God to respect or a book, such as the Bible and the Koran, to observe. In most parts of China, the position of ancestry is just like the God to the whole family. On important Chinese festivals, people will go to clean graves and light incense to memorialize their ancestors. A the beginning of spring, almost the same time a s Easter Day, Chinese people will celebrate Tomb Sweeping Day to recall those who have died and hope the dead can bless the family

As I know, Easter is the anniversary of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is the son of God. It is the most important festival of the Christianity. According to the Bible, a disciple named YouDa sold Jesus Christ down the river, then Jesus was arrested and crucified upon a cross. Before death, Jesus predicted that he would resurrect three days later. As expected, he revived on the third day. That's why the Easter got this name.

I think Easter Holiday is a very meaningful holiday. Jesus atoned with Life not for his own sin but for human beings. And his rebirth showed that God has forgiven us. Although I am an atheist like most of CHinese, I am still deeply impressed by the mythology. In my opinion, Jesus is the greatest of the ancient Western sages. He is selfless. He saves people from sufferings and sins.

As a Chinese without any religious faith, especially when I really believe in the philosophy of Marxism, I have to admit that I can't understand why people believe in God so devoutly. However, I do admire the state of mind that the faith brings to people, for it makes people more optimistic about life. 

I have heard of Easter before. And I gradually realize the importance of God to Christians and the strong power of the religious faith as the spread of Christianity is becoming more popular in China. Then I can understand the significance of Easter.  Resurrection of Jesus means hope and immortality that all people long for. It's not just a festival when people can wear new clothes, but a religious rite and a part of worship for God. And that's why they will never lose these festival customs, such as the Easter eggs, the Easter bunny and fireworks.

Things are quite different in Chinese festivals. Although al or out traditional festivals have historical meaning, people are gradually losing those traditions. In modern China, to a large extent, the meaning of the festival is no longer as important as they were before. But the atmosphere of the day and the joy of family reunion make it more meaningful. Without religion, without the strong desire or power guiding us, we seem to lose our traditional culture and custom.

When people feel disappointed, have faith in the heart will make you never give up and never feel desperate. I think that is the charm of religion. When you  come across great difficulties in your life, especially when there is no one who can really help you, the religious faith can give you courage and power to defeat them. Besides, I believe those who believe in God and Easter are more likely to be a friendly and kind people because they want to be in heaven with God after death.

Maybe I still won't believe in any religion in my life, but I am willing to believe that there is a God in this world who are watching us and help people. That will make me feel more optimistic about the difficulties and enjoy the happiness as well as the sorrow in my life.

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