Monday, December 23, 2013

December 24th in China

The night of December 24th is called peace night and everyone eats an apple.
In China, tonight is called "Ping An"night.  Ping  in English means safe and  apple in Chinese is pronounce "Ping Guo." A beautifully wrapped a single apple is given to a friend to express best wishes. 
I knew nothing about this tradition and suddenly on Christmas Eve, my students began bringing beautifully wrapped apples.  It was curious to observe dozens of fruits stands set up along the boulevard selling gaily wrapped apples for just one day…gone the next day.

Christmas Eve is just another working day in China, albeit thousands of Chinese Christians attempt to celebrate Christmas quietly. Last year the iconic Catholic cathedral next to the old campus of Shangdong University was closed for remolding and repairs. It will open its doors to the public this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Lots and lots of students are excited to go into the church which is usually gated and locked at all times. This is a rare treat that many students don't want to miss.

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  1. After all the fuss and everything, were the apples good?