Thursday, June 26, 2014


        It's an interesting experience being in the minority. My tall, elderly, white-haired, large-nosed, very Polish-looking husband turned heads as we walked down the streets of Jinan, China like unto Brad Pitt. I would stand back and watch people stop and stare as John walked by, turn and watch him walk away. This never ceased to amaze me.   We were stared at all the time in Jinan because foreigners are relatively few in this city of 6 million. Our visit to Shanghai was pleasant because foreigners are everywhere so no one takes much notice if you look different.
        At a potluck gathering on Central Campus, I spoke to a female American professor who had a pretty good command of the Chinese language. When I commended her on this skill, I was surprised to discover that she wished she couldn't understand everything students said because their comments on her physical appearance were uncomplimentary and rude. In particular, comments about her large nose; which by western standards was just fine. That was the first time I took notice of the characteristics of the Asian nose: small and flat.  No wonder Chinese stared at John's large Polish proboscis. That said, you would think there would be more dental awareness in China; enough said.
         A story in China Daily told of a young father who was surprised at his "ugly" new baby boy because he had married a "beautiful" wife. It turns out his wife's beauty was the result of successful plastic surgery which she did not reveal to her husband. He claimed he had been hoodwinked and filed for divorce.
        Aviva's presentation helped us better understand the deep-seated awareness our students harbor of physical appearance, particularly among female students.

Women's Good Luck Face

Traditional Chinese culture believes that "face comes from heart." It means that one's personality, thought and behavior could be seen from the face. Meanwhile, our appearances are divided into good or ill luck. Wealthy Chinese men want what most rich guys want in a potential way: good looks. But they also want something special: a good-luck face. Today I am gonna talk about the women's good-luck face.

Sometimes we have to admit that women actually decide the ups and downs of their men, because women can form a special kind of mental aura around their husbands which can affect the men's health, career and wealth. So, many people would like to marry a girl with a good-luck face.

Now, I will take Lydia as an example to show you what the most standard good-luck face looks like. First, your hair is supposed to be soft and straight, having soft hair means you have a gentle personality, could live an easy life and listen to your husband. (My wild, curly hair must give them a strange impression of me & my marriage!!)  Second, a round face is very necessary. Your forehead should be a little square and also there is meat in your face. It is great if your whole face looks willing to make friends and ready to help others. Third is the eyes. They should have clear distinction between black and white in your eyes, just like the leading lady in the cartoon. Girls with this kind of eyes are often naive and simple, they look pretty good and they are kind and polite. They usually have an optimistic attitude in life. Then, a straight nose is also necessary. Girls with good nose are thought to be confident and competent. They can help their husband in business and achieve big success. Next, your lips are opposed to be red and the teeth should be good. At the same time, a soft clear voice is also very important, because this kind of girls are usually gentle and considerable. They are the typical good wife in men's eyes.

When we talk about the gook-luck face, we are saying it as a group of three. It best for you to have a group of features. But, if you only have one or two, it is ok. A girl with these facial features are considered to be a good wife. If men marry her, they are more likely to have a happy family and get success in their career, because she will bring them the good luck and a bright future. But, if you don't have these features, it does not matter so much. You will not bring ill luck to men. It shows that you are just normal girl.

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