Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Petal

Petal is our incredible class monitor for one of our Junior year English Writing classes. She is the best go-to gal ever and has solved some pretty sticky problems this year. I gave here a wee thank you gift. This was her reply:

Dear Mrs. Kuzmich:

I love the gift you gave me. Thank you so much. You are such a great and nice teacher who not only helped us better our English writing but also made us be aware of the importance of writing. Without you I would never realize how invaluable my autobiography and journals are. Mr. Kuzmich's lesson of how to write dynamic resumes did help us make preparations for our future career. We have really learned a lot from you and Mr. Kuzmich. I feel sorry that you will not be our writing class teacher any more for you have to go back to your home. But, I want to be friends with you and hope we can keep in touch with each other.

Sincerely yours,

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