Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scatter Sunshine

"Scatter Sunshine" has been my daily motto here in China. It's not that I actually go out of my way to do things, I just smile and speak up whenever something strikes my fancy; especially talking to students and strangers on a moment's notice. You never know where or how the sunshine you scatter will make a difference; but you can be confident it will. Here is a letter I received from one of my oral English students.

Dear Kuzmich,
     Thanks for your company this year, which I will remember all my life. The benefits, happiness and motivation from you will be forever of great help to my life. And I deeply feel the enthusiasm of American people so that my strong desire to continue my study in Ivy League is even stronger.
     What always motivates me is the first sentence you said to me when we were sticking our photos on the name cards. I asked you for the glue and you said, "Oh, I like your accent."  At that time, I was totally depressed and diffident. It is not exaggerated that what you said enlightened my life then.
     And in that speech contest, you encouraged me after it, which also increased my confidence. That was the second time for me to deliver an English speech in public.
     Later, you offered me amazing advice about how to practice oral English, how to enlarge my vocabulary, how to make best use of the newspapers and magazines, how to improve writing skills and so on.  All those are quite precious to me.
     For the first time in my life, I feel that singing with others is such a blissful thing! Perhaps music is really one part of everyone's soul.
     No words can express my gratitude exactly. I will appreciate it for lifelong time.
     Wish you a happy time later and all your family member to keep fit.

Endless love.
Yours truly

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