Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Memorable Saturday in Jinan China!

Roslyn and I had a great Saturday afternoon & evening in Jinan with Lily. We visited giant InZone Mall, Damming Lake and a great dinner at an authentic fish restaurant. Lily had her first "driving lesson" in a boat  on boat at DaMing Lake. 

Roslyn drove the boat away from the dock and then turned the wheel over to Lily.

Whenever Roslyn saw a young couple or a family taking pictures of each other she would routinely offer to take a photo of them together.
Dr. Kim is an eminent law professor who introduced us to a very authentic, earthy fish restaurant. We let him do all the ordering which was an adventure because he had a very "adventurous" palette. You can see for yourself all the delicacies we ate. He ordered from an array of live fish swimming in dozens of fish tanks.
Because Shandong Province has a long coast line, fish is a prominent part of the cuisine of this province. There are so many more kinds of fish that the Chinese are willing to eat. 

I have no idea what this sea creature is. But it seemed safe enough to eat. Added to the culinary adventure.
Loved these deep fried critters. Kind of like seafood French fries. Very tasty.

This is a section of fish eggs. I preferred them battered&fried. This was more authentic Chinese.

The delicacies kept coming regardless of the size of the table. Folks just pile them on top of each other. Our table in this restaurant was small and square. Most of the time the tables are large and round with a glass lazy-susan in the center which rotates the food around to all the guests. I love the Chinese style of dining because I get to taste so many culinary delights and not be limited to one thing on my own plate. The Chinese really know how to celebrate with food! And the food in Jinan, Shandong Province, China is fabulous!!!
More hot water cheers!

One of Dr. Kim's colleagues joined us and the conversation matched the feast. What a memorable dining experience. That's the Chinese way.

I recently heard a proverbial saying about Chinese eating habits:
"The Chinese will eat anything on four legs except a table; anything that flies except an airplane; anything in the ocean except a boat."

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