Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Teacher's Day

Did you know today way Teacher's Day in China?
What a concept. 
Teachers are generally given a great deal of respect in China.
One of my students sent kind greetings; thought I'd share.

Dear Mrs. Roslyn Kuzmich,
Today is Teacher's Day in China. I wanted to send Greeting Cards to you and Mr. Kuzmich. But I can not find the English version of the greeting card. Here is its translation.I hope you will enjoy it.
您是一盏明灯 指引我们前行
You are a beacon to guide us forward.
您是睿智乐施者 传播知识与美德
You are wise and kind. You spread knowledge and virtue wherever you are.
师恩 永不忘
We will never forget you.               

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