Sunday, August 26, 2012

Loose Ends and Fancy Driving

Mom and Dad flew out of LAX Saturday night, but there was one more loose end to take care of - and miracle of miracles, they did! Mom was the Visiting Teacher of a lady at church who passed a few months ago, and has been very busy as the executor of her will.. By the way, she recommends never allowing someone to make you the executor of a will :) Mom's sister Sanny was on the phone with mom and recorded this account of how things went down:

Here’s the lineup of Miracles. If any single one of these steps is missed, then this task could not have worked in the limited time there was to get it done. 
Before leaving the lawyer’s office for the last time, Roslyn gave him John’s,Liz’s and her own email addresses.  Since she would layover for 2 ½ days in LA, she could be reached there via John or Liz’s email. 
Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 John and Roslyn leave Denver for Los Angeles 
Friday, Aug 24, 2012 6pm dinner & conversation with Fred, Joan, Roslyn&John, Rand, Rhys&Liz, Ryan&Maureen&Connor
Saturday, Aug 25, 2012 – Departure Day. Scheduled take off 11:40pm 
At 7pm, Roslyn &John arrive at LAX, Bradley Terminal, where there is a massive amount of 1st Class customers. Coach has 3 times more and Roslyn makes observation: “hum, they (1st class) must know something we don’t”  (I agree with her) 

By 8:30pm, the bags have been checked TSA and they arrived at their gate. John plugged in his computer a ways down the terminal next to an outlet to save his battery for the 14 and a half hour flight. 

At 9:38pm Roslyn goes to give something to John, and he says, “You have an email from the Marge’s lawyer with all the bonds you need to sign.”“How many is it?” “33 pages.”“WHAT!? ….Well, it’ll have to wait til China because I can’t do it here….wait, I don’t even know if I have 33 pages to print on over there…..” There is much thought and anxiety over what to do now.Sanny and Roslyn have been on the phone this whole time. Sanny is listening to all this, whereupon she now says to Roslyn –“YOU CAN DO THIS!! and here’s how.  Get on the phone to Rhys. He lives only 15 or 20 minutes away. They print out those bonds ASAP, Rhys brings them to you at the airport, you take just your boarding pass and your ID to get thru TSA faster on the way back in. Hurry SIS. It’s 9:42! You board at 10:40! You got time! CALL RHYS! GOOOO SIS GOOOO!!!“Really? You think I can pull this off?”“YESSS!!!! MAKE THE CALL AND GOOO!!!”“OK, if you say I so. Bye.”and that’s all I knew until I heard back from her at 10:42 
Roslyn made the call. Liz printed. Rhys drove and brought 2 Blue Pens with him. Roslyn ran out the terminal and met Rhys at Virgin Atlantic He picked her up.  
Lots of police on duty so he couldn’t stop. But he couldn’t drive around the LAX horseshoe either. There wasn’t time. So Rhys drove very slowly, watching for any approaching police, while Roslyn signed 200 bonds in triplicate.  He got to the end of the Bradley terminal and stopped. Roslyn keeping signing. Rhys went to the trunk and arranged then rearranged and basically looked like he was dealing with luggage and otherwise stalling for his mother to have time to finish. 
She finished!! 
I’m sure there was much thanks and gratitude, but there wasn’t time. She had to get back to the gate.  While exiting the security area, Roslyn briefly told a guard that she had to go out to sign some legal documents but then needed to get back through security to catch her flight to China. But she wouldn’t have time to go through that whole line again. Guard said, “I’ll help you through the 1st Class line. quickly.  No problem.” 
Sure enough, upon her return, the guard escorted her to the 1st class line of 15 passengers.  
Time: 10:35pm.  She ran to her gate. I told her to slow down because they load 1st class and it’s huge. She got to the gate at 10:42pm.  And loading began.
When she got to her seat in the plane and J had put his computer under the seat in front of him, she observed the environs and said to me, “How does a sardine move once it’s in a can?” 
yup…that’s why 1st class was sold out.

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