Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping in Jinan

From Dad:  Here are the photos from our shopping guided tour by one of the staff.  We had dinner a Chinese restaurant with real Chinese fish.  The egg-drop soup was to die for.  The fish was whole and very tasty.  The other dishes I can't describe well except we ate them all with chopsticks except for the soup.  The toilet is      indeed a toilet.  People were flying Chinese kites from the downtown area.  Amazing to do it when right next to tall buildings and modest wind.  At night the sidewalks turn into outdoor flea markets with more goodies than you can ever imagine.  The food market is extraordinary, three levels of Costco and Walmart into one store with more items than you can imagine.  Live fish that you hand pick plus just about anything and everything you could imagine in fish including octopus and squid.  Meats like a whole rabbit and chickens with the heads still on them.  And crowded on a Wednesday evening like it was Saturday or a Fourth of July celebration.

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