Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apartment living in Jinan

Here are some pictures of the apartment in Jinan!

The view from the bedroom window:

The view of the apartment from the bedroom:

The view of apartment from kitchen:

The office/study:

The washroom:
From the bedroom looking into bathroom and into the living room:
 The main floor bathroom:
The building superintendent (very helpful and fast):
The kitchen:

The bedroom:
The entry to the apartment:

The outside entrance:

And some thoughts from Mom:

Kind of scary here not knowing what to eat or how to communicate. A lot like camping in a strange place...full of unknowns.  Up side...we'll probably lose weight.   There's a LOT of people here. It's a good thing most still ride bikes & mopeds or this place would be nothing but gridlock on the roads.

We opened a savings account at the Bank of China (you'd athought we were asking 'em to deliver a baby right then 'n there.)  Also got a membership card at Tesco...in hopes of eventually being able to understand labels better.
Folk here really like KFC but it's nothing like what you know in the states. Very crispy chicken burgers with hot, spicy Chinese chili sauce. Apparently they're not so much into McDonalds but there seemed to be plenty of business taking place what with millions of people to serve.  These good people can't seem to buy enough stuff. A nation of shopaholics.  Glad to see their itch getting scratched.
Jinan is a huge city and there is much to explore. I hope to find a helpful student to help us explore some time in the future.  Seems this is the cradle of Confucianism. 

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