Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to work

Whew! time is flying by and we just finished "climbing" a mountain of work we created for ourselves. Our trip along the ancient Silk Road was so refreshing and informative. I almost canceled going on the trip because of all the work we had to do. That would have been a BIG mistake. As it was, I ended up taking several hundred pieces of paper to grade tests, quick writes and homework. That's what I did on the bus trips and plane rides.
Last week some Chinese plumbers did a lot of very noisy work on the plumbing in our apartment building. The water was shut off for 2 days.

I happened to be home on the day they began work but I had NO idea who they were or what they wanted to do. I had to laugh when one man realized I couldn't understand anything he said no matter how many different ways he said it; so he got a piece of paper and WROTE IT IN CHINESE so I could better understand what he was trying to say!  Most Chinese workers I've meet have not had much interaction with anyone who doesn't speak their language, so they continue speaking to me figuring that maybe I'll understand them if they reword what they just said. Very helpful of them.

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