Monday, October 15, 2012

Can't pull anything past this teacher!

I have 2 Oral English classes and John has 2 Oral English classes. But, John and I have decided to team-teach all four of our Oral English classes since none of them conflict with each other. This way we can give the students a "stereo" English experience. It makes more work for both of us but so what. The students get a chuckle out of our repartee. 

Our Oral English classes are all freshmen level and each class has a student monitor for whom the class voted. The monitors are very helpful especially the first few class sessions when there are still bugs to work out. They help us establish a seating chart for each class so we can get to know each student better. 
In one class we have 3 young men who are fast friends and one is the class monitor. To get students seated in their assigned seats, I numbered the alphabetized class list and told the class monitor to call out their names while I showed them their seat and gave them an information card to fill out. Things were going smoothly until they weren't and in my confusion I asked the monitor for the list he was holding. Snakeola! Those 3 boys had "adjusted" the alphabetized list so that they were all sitting together. OMGosh! They were actuallysurprised? to see the push-over, old American lady take control of the list, and set things right...with "fireworks."  
A momentary diversion. 'Twas brillig.

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