Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dynamic Lifting

Xiu Chen came to both of John's resume workshop-lectures and sent this feedback email to us.
These students work so incredibly hard and appreciate any help and they're getting great help from John. 
The progress they make once they see the possibilities for improvement is absolutely amazing.

I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. John Kuzmich and his lovely wife too much.
Without his careful and constructive suggestions, my resume couldn’t come into shape
in such as short time. I’d like to list the major bonus I have gained from the lectures, as well as
my suggestions and expectations for the further lectures.
What I have benefited from the lectures:
     >The perfect resume format. I’ve tried several CV formats before, but this one is  
   definitely the best one with neat layout and large information
     >Helpful guidance and advise on word size, type face, the sequence of Education
   and Experience. Moreover, the action verbs are powerful to enrich the resume.
     >Transformation of mind from showing “I’m an excellent person” to manifesting
              “what exactly I can do for you”
What I expect to learn from the following lectures (if possible):
     >More suggestions on the interviewing part.
     >Specific guidance on Personal Statement writing for students planning to further
             their study abroad.
It will be deeply appreciated if more help can be provided. Thank you very much.

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