Friday, November 9, 2012

So that's how it goes....

    Last week I gave a Journal prompt based on an old German proverb: "When a dove begins to associate with crows, its feather remain white but its heart grows black."
    Most students related this to developing good friendship and surrounding oneself in a healthy environment. I was surprised to read one that sort of answered a question I had in the back of by mind.
The student wrote:

    This sentence reminds me of corruption. In China, civil servants equal officers. When people beome civil servants, they begin to associate with "crows," the officers with higher positions. Even some civil servants who graduate from universities,their heart grow black soon. People would like to give money or gifts to them in order to handle affairs easily. It's amazing to know that not only do civil servants have corruption but also doctors and teachers.    More family members of patients give money to doctors just in case the doctor does an operation casually or have some extra but not necessary examinations for the purpose of earning more. If the doctor doesn't want to receive the money, the family members will become much more anxious wondering about if this money is not enough?  When it comes to schools, we can see that more parents give money to teachers so that their children will get more attention.

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  1. Corruption is really a "disease" that is spreading with an amazing speed. You wouldn't believe what I was able to discover while working as a veterinarian for the government in Brazil. Corruption is everywhere!