Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Harbin, China: The "North Pole" of China!

Roslyn and I just spent an exciting weekend at the "North Pole" in Harbin, China which is relatively close to the Siberian border.  The weather is consistently frigid at -30 degrees below zero daily with highs of about -25 below zero. But no frost-bites to report even though we explored a lot of out-door activities.  Harbin is unique and interesting year-round natural resort. The summer is a lush, cool retreat from the aggressive hustle 'n bustle of urban China life white the winter is a frozen wonderland with , ice-skating, ice sailing, sledding and tubing, driving on a frozen river and swimming in a swimming pool cut out of the the frozen river. Harbin is famous for its annual international ice castles and snow sculptures. You'll get a pretty good ideas of what we experienced if you visit Harbin's web site.  Chick here. What an incredible array of ice lanterns, ice and snow models are lit at night with colored lights inside the huge blocks of clear ice creating a frozen fairyland all around the city as well as in the festival area.  In their East-North Tiger Reserve you can view 1,000+ Siberian tigers which are the largest species of tigers in the world.  They are huge, magnificent creatures.

Hope you like the photos.

More photos, chick here.

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