Thursday, January 17, 2013

Music & Dancing In Those Hills of the Gobi Desert!

We have a few more photos to share with you from our Silk Road trip last October in Gobi Desert.  Namely, there's music in those hills, including native music and dancing and of course, Roslyn and John!  

The last video is perhaps the wildest because John ended up to be the wildest dancer on stage but everybody got so excited, everybody's cameras suddenly stopped photographing   To get the "rest of the story," you must get it from Roslyn.  My story goes like this, a beautiful native girl came into the center of the dance group, I was selected to be featured in the center of the dance troupe  The native dancer dropped a lovely flower on the ground and the male native dancer bent over to picked it up with his teeth and then gave it to girl.  The girl then dropped a flower for me.  I followed and I did the exact same thing except I had to do it on bent knees on the floor since I'm not nearly as agile,  And my humble efforts literally brought down the house with applause without any exaggeration!!!  True story.  Unfortunately, the camera stopped just as I got into the inner circle. n But it does exhibit my unorthodox, middle-eastern dance style.

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