Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hainan Island: China's Tropical Paradise!

Hainan Island is China's tropical island paradise at the most southern part of the country.  It's similar to the tropical beauties of Hawaii.  Sanya is the primary city.  The popularity of Hainan Island is apparent because there are charter airplane flights from as far as Moscow.  There are many buildings with Cyrillic letters attracting Russians from Siberia. Lots of "snow birds" from northern China are living here during the winter. Also, many wealthy folks from Beijing buy homes here and they say now they are buying clean air as much a buying property.

 Monkey Island Park is a natural reserve that contains hundreds of monkeys who roam freely, creating a very interactive environment for visitors.  The lush tropical forest of the island is accessed by a long gondola ride across a bay.  There are monkey shows illustrating how trainable monkeys can be.  Quite an experience.

The sand used for the 2008 China Olympic beach volleyball court was hauled in from the white sand beaches of Sanya, Haninan Island.

 Time-Out for Monkeys that don't behave well in the park.
Baby monkey playing with trouble!

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