Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hong Kong: China's Unique City

Hong Kong is a beautiful, ultra modern city without equal in China with gobs of tall buildings that light up with dancing lights at night. The shipyard is massive and very busy. The food offerings are incredible and diverse.   We took a small boat ride around the bay in Aberdeen and saw how the indigenous citizens live in houseboat "neighborhoods".  Credit cards are widely accepted in contrast with mainland China.

Happy New Year

We took 3 Big Bus tours of Hong Kong so we could see as much a possible in the 2 afternoons we had to see this massive city sitting on nearly a postage stamp island. It felt a lot like a combination between New York and Los Angeles.

We discovered beautiful gardens that were such peaceful contrast to the frantic pace of the crowded city..

The Big Bus night tour was an electric wonderland.

The night markets are huge. People seem to poor out into these streets that barely sleep.

This stretch of land felt a lot like driving through Benedict Canyon near Beverly Hills in southern California.

These are two floating restaurants in Aberdeen Bay one can only access by a wee ferry.

Peach blossoms are a popular decoration for the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. Found this holiday decor in a huge indoor mall.

This flower statue is the "symbol" of Hong Kong and  stands on the spot where the transfer of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule to place on the grounds of the convention center on the bay which is shaped like a bird taking flight.

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