Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Chinese TV Commercial Performance

Believe it or not, I just finished my second TV commercial ad that can be viewed at    I played, "Stefano John," an Italian CEO for the George Amandi watch company, a Rolex-type category of expensive jewelry-watches.   It was a "live" performance in which I was scripted to give a 55% discount  and later a 1,000 Yuan discount to all viewers for that night only.  I even added an English-Italian accent to make it sound more authentic.  You be judge if I succeeded?

In any event, you'll have a few good laughs. This involved more dialogue lines than the first one at in which I played a Russian doctor.  What made this performance so awkward was that there was no interpreter for me, only for the audience.  Every question came to me in Chinese while my English was immediately translated into Chinese by an interpreter standing next to me.  But the difficulty was that I had to follow the their Chinese script in a blind-fold manner because their Chinese was incredibly fast and furious.  I didn't have a second to think because I never knew when the machine-gun Chinese chatter would ever-end.  We had no dress rehearsal.  It was "live" and lively.  
But that's not all.  My translator got a call as we  were driving back to my apartment telling me that my performance was fantastic. They liked my performance so much that they want me to do more of them periodically all over China for other local TV stations!  I don't think so. I do not have the time to travel and teach five days a week plus prepare lesson plans.  But if I was ten years younger, I almost could have had a new career here in China!!!!!

It was a fun experience and yes, I received a nice honorarium.  

Enjoy and have a few laughs on me!!!
Here are a few photos from the gig.  All women had makeup, hair dresser, etc. and me... nothing.  So I look ancient!

My translator, Sunny.

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