Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hanoi, China

Hanoi, China is an active city of 8+ million people with 4.5 million motor bikes.  Amazing to see them in action along side auto traffic.  We were surprised to see so many foreign tourists on the streets in the downtown area.  Vietnamese cuisine is very much influenced by the French and very natural to our Western tastes. The food in Hanoi was the most memorable because of taste and presentation. Exquisite culinary experience!
The rice fields in the countryside are well laid out and expansive with irrigation.  The downtown area is full of shops and particularly attractive in the evening with its bright lights.

The photo zoomed in on some family funeral sites in the rice fields. It is believed that the spirits of departed family members stick around for about 3 years. So, to make it convenient for them, their burial plots are built right in the middle of the rice field; and the departed relatives can watch what is going one and ore easily visit the family home.

Being so close to Chinese New Year, most shop keepers closed up and went to be with family.

A photo memory of French-Vietnamese cuisine.

The rice is cooked inside a hollow bamboo trunck.

I never ceased to be amazed at how quickly these small make shift cafes spread across the sidewalk. You want to eat and are willing to pay? They find you a stool. No problem.

Millions of mopeds.

Proud member of the local gendarme force.

This vendor put her pole on my shoulder. YIKES! It's a lot heavier than it looks.

I was impressed with this shop keepers collection.

Here is a look at what's for sale in a few dress shops.

Nice, big hair.

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