Monday, May 27, 2013

BYU Young Ambassadors Concert in Jinan, China

Roslyn, Lily and I all attended an outstanding concert at the spectacular Shandong Cultural Entertainment Center here in Jinan.  The choreography, light-show and dancing to the foot-tapping music of an expanded jazz combo was exhilarating.  The large auditorium was packed.  The BYU Young Ambassadors were the first USA performing group to perform in China after the China Cultural Revolution in 1978.  So BYU's reputation is established here.  The Ambassadors have a ten-day concert tour including Shanghai, Hong Kong, X'aan, Tianjin, Beijing and other cities in addition to Jinan.

Here's what the concert looked liked along with the spectacular light-show.

Below are some (most shaky) photos taken from a distance without flash. 

To our surprise, 10 of our students from far away Shandong University-Old Campus were allowed to be volunteers backstage with the performers, ushering and other duties!!!!  You'll see photos of them  included as well.

Between the musical vignettes there was thematic commentary provided via projection on a huge screen behind the band. All kinds of people spoke about their personal thoughts on family, love, service, life, happiness; and it was all tastefully dubbed into Chinese. So, it didn't really matter that much if the audience members couldn't understand the English lyrics to the songs that were being sung; they understood the message and enthusiastic with which is was delivered.
There was also some incredible choreography that WOWed the audience.

Near the end an excellent musical of popular Chinese folksongs was performed with splendid costuming. The Chinese audience LOVED it!!!

Our students were absolutely thrilled to work with these fine BYU students their own age. This is diplomacy at its best!

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