Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making a Difference

Every morning before we leave to teach, John & I pray that we can be effective and radiate positive energy and spirit.  A young lady in one of our first year oral English classes sent this email that let us know sometimes we're on the right track.                                                 

Dear Mrs. Kuzmich,
Today when you asked us to talk about the person who makes a difference in our life, I talk about you because you are the one of the persons who is changing me.
Every time I see you on the road or in our class room, I find you smiling and it seems that you are happy all the time .Your positive attitude is so contagious that after your class, I decided to put down the troubles in my life and to be a happy girl now .I feel that you are full of sunshine trying to impart the happy and active energy to us Chinese students .Thank you very much.
Still I’m sorry for our being “not active in class” which you once called it “great Chinese silence” in frustration .I’m sorry for that but I have to say that we are used to being silent in class with the Chinese educational methods .Nevertheless we will try to come it over especially in your class, just as you said No Fear in your class and be ready to Make Mistakes.
As a whole, I’m writing this email for expressing my thanks to you. Although I cannot speak English very well and sometimes lack the courage to communicate with foreigners like you, I want to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Yours sincerely,


  1. What a sweet testimonial. Comments like that must make teaching rewarding.

  2. Yes SpongeBob. You have been taught by the best there is. She is all that which you see and even more. We are lucky and blessed to have her in our lives, always.