Monday, May 27, 2013

Give Yourself A Lot To Write About

Four weeks ago we started an epoch writing project. Each student was assigned to write an autobiography. I just happened to come across the commencement address given at Southern Virginia University on Saturday, April 29th and it contained really excellent ideas. Here are a few of the touch points he presented that I used to help students launch into their autobiographies.

"Launch out into the deep and let down your nets"               
                                                                                             ... Luke 5:4
        = don't live in the shallows - live in the deep waters
        = live for purposes greater than yourself
        = lose yourself in the service of others

The time is now to write the story of your life.
Give Yourself A Lot To Write About!

            = You only get one life to live
        = Give more than is expected
        = Live life to the fullest
        = Each of us can live a rewarding, abundant life

I shared with my students the quote by William Shedd that I memorized with my own children as I raised them:
                    A ship in harbor is safe, 
                            but that is not 
                   what ships are built for.

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