Monday, December 3, 2012

Being Thankful For All

Got some interesting responses from my senior English-Law majors in their journals on thankfulness.
Here is one you might enjoy from Yuangyuan:

"People tend to be thankful for friends, but seldom for enemies. But I say, be thankful for your enemies, because it is your enemies that motivate you to try harder. People end to be thankful for the praisers, but seldom for critics. But I say, be thankful for your critics, because it is your critics that point out your weaknesses and help you to improve. People tend to be thankful for the good luck, but seldom for the misfortune they befallened. But I say, be thankful for the misfortune, because it is the misfortune that hones your mind and strengthen your will.
People tend to be thankful for what they get, but seldom for what they lose. But I say, be thankful for your loss, because it is your loss that reminds you to cherish what you have. Being thankful is an attitude toward life, an optimistic, positive, hopeful and healthy state of mind.  Being thankful for all, then even in the dark, you can sense a chink of light.  Being thankful for all, then even in the adverse situation, you can figure out the positive side. Being thankful for all, then to you, all the things existing in the world will become blessings of the God. Every moment in your life will be the moment to appreciate, to cherish and enjoy. Happiness come from gratitude!"

This point of view was a common reflection of thankfulness by many of my Chinese students.

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