Thursday, December 13, 2012

Right Turns in China

Crosswalks and intersections are dodge ball zones. And, there are massive misdemeanor violations taking place all the time as mopeds and pedestrians head across the street against the light dodging traffic that has the green light. But there is one thing I see all the time that is a tragedy waiting to happen all the time.

In America, traffic is allowed to make a right turn on a red light AFTER stopping then proceeding if no pedestrians are present in the crosswalk. Not so in China. Traffic is free to make a right turn without stopping whether it's a red or green light and I have never seen a bus, truck or car slow down, let alone stop at the corner. Sometimes right turning vehicles will be slowed down or stopped if a LOT of pedestrians walk in mass across the street because they have the green light to do so, don't you know. That makes no never-mind to a determined right-turner. They all drive around the corner at top speed at all times as if it's their god-given right.

I didn't think any one would believe me if I explained this; but now we have video footage of my crosswalk concern. This commonplace traffic phenom was captured on camera with uncommon but inevitable results. Notice that the scooter has the green light right-of-way, hence the truck is turning on a red light; but the truck drives right on through at regular speed. But that scooter driver isn't without culpability. Scooters and mopeds notoriously disregard public safety as they drive anywhere, anytime at top speed. So I guess we should be grateful that this encounter between two entitled motorists doesn't occur more often.

In this case the lady on the scooter was miraculously able to walk away with only minor injuries. A month ago, a similar encounter killed a moped-riding mother and her child.

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