Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Silk Road!

Here are some the Silk Road in the Gobi Desert which is a real desert.  It gets up to 60 degrees Celsius or 144 Fahrenheit degrees in summer and freezing cold in the winter time at -35 degrees Celsius or -31 degrees Fahrenheit.  A very humbling trip from Europe to China and back.

 No easy road across China on Silk Road!
 Absolutely nothing but sand and rocks on this road to....?
 A Buddhist city on the side of a cliff!
 15,000+ foot mountains surrounding this narrow valley.

 Beautiful sculpture in the middle of desert!
 Another beautiful sculpture!
 Another beautiful sculpture!
 Carmels love the Gobi Desert!
 The BYU English teachers we traveled with who all teach throughout China.
A building that once stood well.

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