Saturday, December 8, 2012

Camel riding!

From John: Here are some crazy photos of Roslyn and I riding camels in the Gobi Desert.  It is a real sandy desert like the Sahara Desert in Africa.  These photos were taken in Dunhuang with offers a camel caravan in the Gobi Desert with a visit to the Sound Sand mountain and Crescent Moon Lake in this Sahara-like desert.
 Roslyn and the camel trail map.
 Sand dunes everywhere!
 Roslyn getting ready for the camel adventure!
 Asian camels are handsome critters.
 Roslyn starting her camel adventure.
 One happy camel!
 A ski hill by Colorado standards.
 A classic camel photo.
 John & Roslyn and Roslyn with a caravan.
 John's favorite camel.

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