Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Sunday letter from Mom

Dear Family,

We gathered at a twig of the virtual CCID  [Central China __?__ District]. There were 9 of us who met at the Han Lin Hotel on the south side of Jinan. Man-o-man is this one BIG city; and CRRROWDED. With all the people crossing streets and bicycles, mopeds, cars (really nice ones), and oddles of buses it is surprising that we have not seen any accidents anywhere so far.
Lots of horn honking...but not out of anger or frustration; just plenty of warning to get outta da way.

It takes us about an hour front door to door to get to church. Came home in a down pouring rain. Unlike Colorado where is pours for 10 mins. then rains for an hour, it rains hard & steady here alllll for hours & hours. But nothing stops the crowds of shoppers, though. Pretty easy-going, assertive sort of people who are generally patient and respectful of those around them.
Serious respect for the elderly, hearabouts.

Church is 2 hours long and the second hour changes focus from week to week. Today was R.S. Next week with be Gospel Doctrine and then Priesthood meeting the following week, followed by Gospel Doctrine the 4th week. We'll be having potluck dinners afterward starting next week. I'm bring in a dozen meat pies I found at a new eatery yesterday. Quick 'n easy plus a culinary adventure. That should satisfy the luck pot.

Did you know that it is possible that the 3 Kings (Wise Men) came from China? See BofM footnote reference.

Thank you for your prayers. We feel their love and strength.

m & pb

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