Monday, September 24, 2012


We had one of those That's China experiences today. Classes started 3 weeks ago for our sophomore and junior English Writing classes. In every class the class monitor walked in with a printout of the class roster; and we were able to get everyone organized and identified on the first day. 

So, it would make sense that with 3 weeks notice & time to get ready, the university folks would have class monitors assigned and the roster lists ready today, which was the first day of class after 3 weeks of military drilling.
How silly of us to assume the university would be organized and ready for the first day of freshmen classes. Fortunately, John & I decided last week that we would extend our teaching load and team-teach all 4 of our freshmen Oral English classes. And, no one punts better than John.
We managed to teach and entertain our students just fine, thank you.

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