Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Figuring out the food thang in China

A GOOD MORNING from Roslyn:

I discovered the steaming feature of the common rice cooker, which works similar to
 a crock pot.  I thank my brother-in-law, Allen, for this nifty culinary trick.  So, Monday's dinner was potatoes, beans, carrots steamed together and served with watermelon. The Polish Papa loved his potatoes again.  Tuesday night I steamed some cabbage, carrots, beans and served with sweet potato and Chinese pork dumplings (because I finally figured out how to use the gas burner to boil water w/o gassing myself to death - it makes me eyes burn)...served with watermelon.

Deeelicious, if I do say so, myself.

'Twas a bit disconcerting to watch the gas meter move, though. Like paying cash. Hmm. Won't be boiling much water.  Pretty frugal I am, it would appear. Yuan go pretty fast and we don't get that many of them in our paycheck. We had to pay 800 yuan (more my paycheck) just for the privilege of taking up residency hereabouts for a year. That, and waiting 7 hours plus 6 taxi cab rides to get the precious residency permit. 
But dinner was memorable. I think I might be getting a handle on cooking here. Next food adventure is trying out the campus Canteen.

Bon appetite, China!

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