Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thoughts from our students

The things my students have experienced their first week of school are very interesting. I wish you could read some of the honest, frank, profound and well written observations. It's very interesting to read the heart thoughts of young, hopeful Chinese students.
 "When I knew I got the third place in my class last week, I was really very excited with joy. Going through all of the two-year hard work, eventually, I got God's favor that I thought I deserved. It was difficult to say clearly my complicated feelings. Then I remembered two years ago, with dreams and hope, I came onto this campus to pursue my study. Soon I realized that I didn't have any talents or specialties. However, I knew I couldn't give myself up as hopeless. That was the moment I decided to spare no efforts to study hard.    
 "Having been took hundreds of exams since I was in primary school, I would assume the good rades or bad grades mean little to me already.  Nevertheless, it was turned out to be wrong. In college, especially now that I am junior in college, I desperately need something to prove I have achieved some success to a certain extent, because my college life has been passed more than half way. I need something to show my parents that I have been always studied hard, that I will not fail their expectations.      
"Yesterday night, I knew that I didn't get the scholarship. It hurt me a little, but I could adjust mself immediately. I will carry my dreams forward."
On a lighter note, I'll share another journal entry I just came across, written by one of my junior English Writing Class students.

     "Mrs. Roslyn is a really interesting teacher. For days I have been expecting Mrs. Roslyn, our new writing teacher. Before the first writing class, there are many questions in my mind: Is she interesting? Is her teaching methods original and full of fun? And more importantly, can we really learn something useful in her class? 
     "Today I finally meet Mrs. Roslyn and I am not disappointed. She is an interesting teacher! 
 "Mrs. Roslyn is an American woman who comes to China to teach in SDU with her husband. Before this, they are both music teachers in an American university [[NO I did not tell them THAT]]. 
 "Although in her sixties, Mrs Roslyn still wears her lookup and is enthusiastic about everything, giving off the radium of youth and vigor. When we are waiting the bell for class to ring, she suddenly sings: "do do do do...." in a very clear and loud sound, just like a cheerful child. 
 "The whole class are surprised. It is hard press to imagine such a lady in her sixties can be so vigorous and still retain childlike innocence. 
     "Don't you know this famous tune? Everyone in America can sing it," she says delightedly, then sings. 
     "During the whole class time, we are again attracted by her vivid description of something that should have been boring: the seat number of every student, the homework and the news report: "Every week we will do news reports. I'll show you how you should do." 
"She ten reads a piece of news in a flat and expressless voice. 
     "Boring," she says, "but if the news is written in another way." Mrs. Roslyn suddenly changes her bored look into a cheerful one, then read another news in an exciting and thrilling tone. 
"The whole class is surprised again, we are all infected by her exciting motion and seems to have felt the excitement of the game. Mrs. Roslyn is surely an expert in toning everything up with color and life. 
     "After the class, all of my classmates speak highly of Mrs. Roslyn, Indeed, she is a really interesting and experienced teacher and I am pretty sure that we can learn a great deal in her class."
WO! The pressure is on! The stage is set to get some serious work done here. Hope we can fulfill all their expectations in this English Writing Class. Wish us luck.

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